A DECENTRALIZED AI supply chain revolution

We’re leading a DePIN and AI-driven commodity supply chain revolution, optimizing efficiency at every stage. Our decentralized ecosystem turns barriers into bridges and connects commodities to crypto with a novel digital economy for a more connected future.

Infrastructure Improvements
Blockchain-enabled Transparency
Decentralized AI Intelligent Supply Chain
Enterprise Grade 

Coffee farmers paired with wholesale buyers

Humanitarian and coffee operations team

RFID, location, smart contract data handoff

Cloud defense, SOC2, and ISO standards

Kaldi ClearSight: Harnessing decentralized AI and DePIN for supply chain optimization

By integrating blockchain and advanced AI layers at every stage, our Kaldi ClearSight technology revolutionizes supply chain management by unifying disjointed data streams and becoming the rails to build a more efficient, transparent, and feature-rich supply chain. Ingest is digitalized and standardized, using AI as an interpretation layer to intelligently deliver more accurate global supply and demand forecaasts for commodities and goods. Blockchain, Web3, AI, and IoT-enabled traceability combine with a novel crypt economy to transform the commodity value chain from the ground up.


Coffee is an annual $500 billion global industry, over $50 billion is specialty coffee


Smallholder farmers produce 80% of the world’s coffee


5.5 million smallholder farmers are below the international poverty line*

Decentralized AI and DePIN as Next Gen Supply Chain Management

At the core of Kaldi ClearSight is an AI-driven operating system that enables intelligent supply chain optimization. This operating system is powered by a decentralized network of AI agents that autonomously make decisions and optimize operations in real time.

Layered AI integration provide incredible access and tools

Crossover infrastructure improvement tying crypto to commodities

Polygon Layer 2 for high-integrity and transparency-required data

Powerful automated

Efficient data handoffs, smart contract interaction, and seamless cross-jurisdiction trading generate significant savings along the supply chain, allowing a higher return to producers and savings for all stakeholders.

RFID tags and other radio frequency records are natively integrated

Shipping manifests and other export paperwork are auto-generated

Global transport, warehouse, and logistics seamlessly accessed

Innovative cryptoeconomic

We've developed a groundbreaking crypto-economic system that lies at the heart of our supply chain management platform. By integrating our native digital currency, Kaldicoin, we've created an ecosystem that drives value, efficiency, and collaboration like never before.

Asset-backed coin minting driven by fiat value of commodities

Developer marketplace allows third-party crypto projects to interoperate

Risk-free staking incentivizes investment and stabilizes token price

Kaldicoin: Fueling the Ecosystem

Kaldicoin™ is the naive utility token of the ecosystem and a unique protocol that connects commodity trade and the digital economy. It has a strong utility token use case. Products and services ancillary to trade can only be accesses using Kaldicoin, either in full or part payment.

A cornerstone of Kaldicoin is its innovative Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) investment. Staking requires a portion of the stake to go towards infrastructure improvements, such as providing internet in rural areas. 

Kaldicoin has multiple demand drivers, including a staking node system, ecosystem products and services, a developer marketplace, and a burn mechanism for shrinking supply. The real-world use cases are compelling. We’re onboarding producers into the digital economy via a unique digital ID and aligning incentives for all participants. 


Kaldicoin generated at the initial Token Generation Event (TGE)


Split in favor of developers in our supply chain management dev marketplace


Of all premium service fees are paid for in Kaldicoin


Commodity producers signed to board product through the Kaldi system - starting with coffee

Kaldicoin Capped Supply

(5 billion)

CoinMarketCap Listing


Private Sale

Coming Soon